Ground turkey (cook and drain).


Season Ground Turkey with Onion Powder.


  and salt and pepper.


put ground turkey on the bottom of the casserole dish ( I divide the soup mixture and put half on top of this layer).


put a layer of tater tots.


put the other half of the soup mixture on top of the tater tots.


This is how it looks when it is done it may not look to pretty but it tastes amazing!!


I do not have the rights to this recipe if you want the recipe go here The Duggar Family’s Website! I can however tell you what I think about the recipe I love the recipe. However the one on the website makes a lot of food so my suggestion is to cut the recipe in half unless you are cooking for a lot of people. I season my ground turkey with a couple dashes of onion powder and salt and pepper but I encourage you to get creative and try new things. That’s the beauty of food it’s a blank canvas for you to paint your masterpiece!!!